Reporting Capabilities

We provide a comprehensive performance report package illustrating absolute and relative historic performance of your 401(k) investment choices. These reports are independent of those prepared by your plan provider. The software packages we utilize in creating these reports for you includes Morningstar® Principia® and mpi Stylus®. Fee comparison studies are produced using Monarch Fee Benchmarks™ and Fiduciary Benchmarks, Inc.

Your report package will typically include the following information:

  • Correlation Matrix  
  • Expenses Relative to Category
  • Fees and Expenses
  • Fund Fact Sheets    
  • Fund Monitoring
  • Fund Scorecard   
  • Market Snapshot
  • Operations
  • Overlap Analysis  
  • Performance by Asset Class
  • Plan Asset /Portfolio Snapshot Returns
  • Risk Analysis       
  • Standardized Returns   
  • Stock Intersection  
  • Style Analysis  
  • Style Drift      
  • Triggered Alerts   

Additional reports may be made available to you to meet your specific needs. Samples of our reporting capabilities are available to you upon request.