TrueNorth Form ADV 2A Investment Supervisory Services Brochure

Personal Investment Management

We think you will find the time we spend together before you ever engage us as your investment advisor is essential to establishing a strong, ongoing relationship. At TrueNorth, we get to know you before we get to know your portfolio. We will ask you a lot of questions, and pay close attention to your responses. Once we really know you and understand what you want to achieve, you'll be surprised by how much simpler it is to identify what it will take to get you there. The time we spend getting to know you helps us understand your concerns and identify your plans for the future. It also allows us to recommend investment strategies and overall asset allocation that reflect an appropriate level of investment risk, given your long-term objectives. And because we do not believe in taking more risk that what we think you need to achieve your long-term goals, this could mean that we recommend a more conservative strategy than you currently utilize, if we have reason to believe that your goals can be attained while reducing your portfolio risk.

TrueNorth's team collaboration also begins now, before you ever become a client. Your Relationship Manager reviews your investment and risk profile with our Oversight Committee, as well as the preliminary recommendation fir your investment strategy and asset allocation. This important step allows us to bring our collective expertise together to validate our findings and finalize our recommendations for you. Equally important, it provides each of our team members the opportunity to understand your needs so we can tailor our services to fit you.

TrueNorth will design a wealth management strategy that supports your objectives by:

  • Establishing written investment policies that provide portfolio management guidelines
  • Implementing a well-defined yet flexible portfolio strategy, so our investment decisions reflect your long-term objectives today and in the future
  • Providing you periodic portfolio performance reports
  • Staying in contact with you by phone and in-person - as changes in your life create new or different goals, we can adapt your portfolio to reflect your new priorities