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TrueNorth Form ADV 2A Investment Supervisory Services Brochure

Discretionary Investment Management

TrueNorth is deeply experienced in developing dynamic investment strategies for institutional clients designed to meet your investment goals, while balancing the importance of risk and return. Our portfolio management expertise is enhanced by our commitment to exceeding your service expectations. We believe our size and organizational structure allows us to:

  • develop a close working relationship with you
  • be highly responsive to your needs
  • manage your assets in an efficient and effective manner

We are an independent advisor – TrueNorth is not affiliated with any bank, investment company, retirement plan provider or research broker. This important differentiator means:

  • Our opinions are our own. We are free to invest according to our own economic outlook and market forecast
  • We use independent research. We utilize robust economic and market research obtained from sources independent of any Wall Street firms or banks.
  • We do not offer proprietary investment products. We have the ability to choose from an almost limitless array of securities to design your portfolio.
  • You are hiring the decision-makers. Our team makes all investment decisions including portfolio design, asset allocation, and individual securities selection.
  • Your securities account is with an unaffiliated third party broker-custodian. You own a brokerage account with an independent broker-custodian that is not affiliated with TrueNorth. We are granted limited power of attorney to purchase and sell securities on your behalf. Your independent broker-custodian delivers trade confirmations and brokerage account statements directly to you, and provides you on-line access to account information and securities holdings.