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Institutional Portfolio Management Services

Equity Portfolio Management Strategies

TrueNorth has developed a variety of equity investment portfolio management strategies to meet a wide range of investment objectives. Our portfolio management team also designs highly customized portfolios to meet the unique needs of institutional clients and other large investors. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific objectives in detail so we can develop an investment recommendation specifically for you.

Taxable and Tax-Exempt Fixed Income Portfolio Management

Our fixed income management strategies focus primarily on wealth preservation and income generation. Portfolio composition decisions are made in consideration of our fixed income strategy objectives, which include a goal to provide adequate diversification and avoid significant issue-specific concentrations. Individual bonds will be rated investment grade or higher by Moody's Investor's Service and/or Standard & Poor's at time of purchase (mutual funds and ETFs purchased for your account may have a lower overall average credit rating).

We also seek to add value tactically through asset allocation. This may result in a higher allocation to low-correlation assets that could include equity income securities, cash, and mutual funds that seek investment results that inversely correlate to price movements of certain market indices or benchmarks, like the long U.S. Treasury Bond.

Income Strategies for Your Excess Cash Reserves

We designed our Intermediate Term Income investment management strategy to provide current income by putting to work your excess cash balances – those not required to fund your daily operating cash flow needs or short-term planned expenses. The strategy focuses primarily on income generation, with stability of principal as a secondary goal. Portfolios managed according to this strategy are invested in securities that are subject to market risk, are not guaranteed and may lose value. Eligible investments include fixed income securities, equities, and cash/cash equivalents.